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(Eng) 2021 Asian Students' Venture Forum (ASVF_for students from vario…

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(Eng) 2021 Asian Students' Venture Forum

(ASVF_for students from various Asian countries)

2021 Asian Students' Venture Forum (ASVF_for students from various Asian countries)


Good morning. we are Korea Economic Daily All-con. You are watching the news in focus with me, Gyuwon LEE. News for today is about 2021 Asian Students' Venture Forum.

Have you ever heard of ASVF? It is hosted by Korea Economic Daily and sponsored by KT&G, and also it has a history of over 20 years.And this year, ASVF will be held online due to COVID-19 which allows our students to be safe from any risk.

We are now looking for students with huge passion for business. Do you have any idea for business? Then Feel free to join us in 2021 online ASVF to develop and exchange your own ideas with students from various Asian countries!

The first winner prize of 2021 ASVF will be $2,000 US dollar and following other prizes and gifts will be provided to other winners. Since the events would be held online, there would be no single cost occurred to participate!

Here's the general overview for the competition, There must be 3~7 students from Asian countries to make up one team. Also, they must be at least 19 years old of age to participate. You also have to make sure that school alliance team is only acceptable within a country!

We have 3 steps of application process.

First, we are having a rough check of participants for upcoming 2021 ASVF.  Team leader or person in charge for each team should send us a simple email with their intention to participate. Once again, this is just for a "ROUGH" check of total number of participants. Therefore, no detailed ideas for competition should be ready at this moment. 

Next, the application form and idea summary should be submitted by team leader until 15th January 2021. Once you send an email that you would like to join us, we will send you an email with our detailed ASVF overview and new application form as well. The submission of form should include the summary of idea which would be covered in 2021 ASVF.

Lastly, presentation for the main competition should be recorded in video file and sent us by email until 26th February 2021. The file should be submitted with original presentation slides and also the video should be playable on any Window computers.

For further requirements about the idea summary and presentation video,

You can look up to our ASVF website. 

Many students with innovative ideas and enthusiasm are highly encouraged to participate! 

We all, look forward to meet you soon!

Thank you for your attention.

Filming and editing : @카논제이


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